Following five generations of Challenger success, Bombardier somehow manages to make great even better. Customers’ comments and suggestions were at the forefront of the Challenger 605’s design, to create the ultimate private jet experience. The Challenger 605 is the perfect combination of timeless machinery and innovative technologies.

Compared to earlier Challenger 604 aircraft, the Challenger 605 has been upgraded with longer and lower cabin windows with considerably larger window reveals, more-space-efficient interior wall panels that increase usable headroom and width for passengers, sturdier worktables, better LED cabin lighting and a new cabin management system.

In a combination of club, divan and individual seating, the Challenger 605 typically carries 10-12 passengers. However, it has been completely restyled to reflect customers’ every desire. Larger and higher-positioned windows make for ideal viewing pleasure. It has an improved Ethernet-based management system, larger video monitors, an upgraded galley area, sturdier worktables and more LED lighting. Overall, the Challenger 605’s cabin offers more in every respect.

General data
Maximum takeoff weight 48200 lb / 21863 kg Maximum altitude 41000 ft / 12500 m
Maximum landing weight 38000 lb / 17238 kg Maximum payload (structural) 1150 lb / 522 kg
Maximum fuel capacity 20000 lb / 9072 kg Minimum takeoff distance 5840 ft / 1780 m
Cruise speed 470 KT / 871 Km/h Landing distance 2775 ft / 846 m
Range 4000 NM / 7408 NM Maximum passenger 12