The new business aircraft PIAGGIO P -180 presentation by AVIOSTART AIRLINES

The summer season has just started – AVIOSTART management team performed the PIAGGIO P-180 presentation to all our clients, partners and guests invited at the VIP lounge at SOFIA Airport. We are happy to announce the good news – the aircraft started its first flight from our home base and the passengers felt its cozy and comfortable atmosphere, relaxing in a quiet and luxury ambience during their journey.

Piaggio / Р-180 flies green – the aircraft has the lowest fuel emissions and consumption in this aircraft class and almost a jet highest speed – 730km per hour. It can fly direct to various destinations at a maximal range of 3000kм. We are happy to offer all of you something more than just a business flight. If you trust us we will meet you again with a smile on PIAGGIO P-180 board – its all yours…

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