Our Expertise and Prospects

AVIOSTART Airlines organize and accomplish many flights of the regular air transportation of Bulgarian missions and contingents to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, part of our business activities being a great professional honor and responsibility for our team.

We are also specialised in organisation and logistics services for maintenance of civil and military aircraft, spare parts delivery and supply.

AVIOSTART collaborates successfully and is General Sales Agent of some of the leading and most reliable airline companies from the Balkans, EU and AFRICA. On the other hand we as air carrier keep our sales agents offices and representatives in Macedonia, Hungary, Italy and France making direct sales contacts and partnership with other European airlines and brokers smooth and easy.

One of our advantages as a small company is the ability to meet and respond the so called last minute requests – we operate flights, ordered at the latest possible moment which makes us smooth and flexible airline. Many clients find this the most attracting role and one of the competitive advantages of AVIOSTART as we make our best to be always on a step ahead of the current requirements for quality, speed and comfort service.

From the end of the 2009 we have our new VIP business jet PIAGGIO P – 180 to be positioned at our base airport – SOFIA. This plane is produced as a luxury one, with 8 passengers seats.

AVIOSTART is pleased to offer all range of VIP services to its clients, for the flight logistics and separately – rent a car – a luxury limousine, van or a bus, as well as VIP security – before, during and after the flight, renting a jacht, boat and ship. We have the experience to combine for you various means of transportation and offer you the best type you chose for your journey. The rest we do is just to take care of your comfort, relax and offer you a pleasant trip.