Medical and Ambulance Flights

The health care flights are dedicated to respond on a moment’s notice. Each aircraft is fully-equipped and staffed, ready to take care on board and transport ill or injured patients worldwide. We provide air ambulance services on a daily basis when patients need care that can not be provided during ususal travel. We transport patients door to door under guidance by doctors on aircraft specially equipped for medical transport of patients.

Air ambulance services offer air transport services for the relocation of patients requiring specialized medical procedures to hospitals recognized as national centers of excellence in their fields. Air ambulance transports are also used for the repatriation of patients who are injured or become ill away from home. Our team are specialists in medical flight. We transport patients with doctors and nurses, as well as paramedics onboard an aircraft with state of the art medical equipment. All our airplanes are approved by the EASA for air ambulance with life support equipment onboard. We give attention and support to all patients in need of fast and efficient mediacal care.