VIP Travel

AVIOSTART operates by three perfectly maintained Piaggio aircraft – PIAGGIO AVANTI P-180 I and Р-180 II for VIP and business flights. They are fully equipped and meet high aviation safety standards in European airspace. These planes operate VIP flights to all European countries, including business charter flights to Germany, Italy and France, countries with extremely high demands on airport operators.

One of the major advantages of our market are VIP jets and business jets for corporate clients. We offer a perfect logistics and organization of the flight, which is our advantage as airline company.

AVIOSTART is pleased to offer all range of VIP services to its clients, flight logistics and separately – rent a car – a luxury limousine, van or a bus, as well as VIP security – before, during and after the flight, renting a jacht, boat and ship. We have the experience to combine for you various means of transportation and offer you the best type you chose for your journey. The rest we do is just to take care of your comfort, relax and offer you a pleasant trip.