Piaggio-Avanti-insideThe P180 Avanti is Piaggio Aero’s flagship product. It is the world’s fastest turboprop business aircraft. It offers customers the speed of a light jet aircraft, the comfort of a large, quiet, midsize cabin, and fuel efficiencies.

The P180 Avanti II is the culmination of an effort by Piaggio Aero engineers to design, without compromise, an aircraft to meet the objectives of jet-like speed, a wide-body, stand-up cabin, and turboprop efficiency.

The Avanti I offers a cabin with spaciousness and comfort that can be found only in aircraft costing up to twice as much. The cabin is over 6 feet wide and 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s over a foot wider and taller than the best-selling business jet and provides passengers with ample room to stand up and move around freely. While in flight, the spacious cabin sets new standards in quietness and smoothness. The Avanti I cabin is quieter than any other aircraft in its class.

Please review the main characteristics of the aircraft. We will be glad if you find that this business jet matches your specific requirements for ad-hoc charters to long term programs.

Take-off Distance – S.L. ISA 3262 ft (994 m)
Landing Distance – S.L. ISA 3282 ft (1000 m)
Rate of Climb – S.L. ISA 2950 ft/min (899m/min)
Maximum Cruise Speed 402 KTAS (745 km/hr) at 31,000 ft (9448 m)

Standard Equipped Empty Weight 7,800 lbs/3,538 Kg
Useful Load (Incl. Crew) 4,300 lbs/1,950 Kg
Maximum Payload 2,000 lbs/907 Kg
Maximum Take-Off Weight 12,100 lbs/5,489 Kg

Extarnal dimensions
Wing Span 46.03 ft/14.03 m
Height 47.28 ft/14.41 m
Length 2.00 m (78 in)

Cabin dimensions
Width 6.07 ft/1.85 m
Height 14.93 ft/4.55 m
Length 1.91 m (75 in)

Seating capacity
Seating Capacity 7 + 1




The fully enclosed lavatory offers privacy and space that will exceed your expectations. It can accommodate a vanity with hot and cold running water.

The rich appointments found in the Avanti I cabin assure that the passengers will travel in luxurious comfort. The soft, oversized leather recliners, thick wool carpeting, and flawless wood finishes guarantee a comfortable trip.

These elements all combine to assure that your passengers arrive refreshed, reinvigorated and ready-to-work or enjoy the day.

Each component of the Avanti was shaped to slice through the air smoothly and quietly.