The services offered by AVIOSTART to its numerous clients in passengers air transportation include:

Essential part of our activities covers the field of specialized air carriages – transportation for humanitarian missions, troops and contingents to hot points in the world, as well as special and military equipment transportation.

AVIOSTART – Partner of Successful Aviation Companies

Qualified maintenance, efficient services – these are our core competencies.
With more than 17 years of professional experience, we are an established, reliable maintenance partner for airlines and aircraft operators.

Together we succeed.

We are experienced in maintaining business and private aircraft. Thanks to our broad experience, we can offer you customized services. Aircraft servicing includes maintenance and repair performed by specialists, plus quick delivery of airplane spare parts.
Our experience in Commercial Aviation is also valuable when performing maintenance for our business and general aviation customers. With our EASA-certified company, we offer qualified maintenance and repair of business and private aircraft.

Business and General Aviation services include:

  • Maintenance checks
  • “200 FH” inspection
  • “B” check – (600 FH) inspection
  • “C” check – (1800 FH) inspection
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Annual inspections
  • 2 Year inspections
  • 5 Year inspections
  • Engine changes
  • Propeller changes
  • Special inspections

AVIOSTART performs expert business in maintenance and repair of turboprop/jet aircraft, such as the Piaggio P.180 Avanti/Avanti II.

Our base maintenance is suitable for aircraft type Piaggio P.180 and along with the A-D check, offers all this:

  • Engine Changes
  • Supplemental inspections
  • Corrosion prevention

Our technical staff includes EASA Part 66 CAT C, B1 and B2 engineers. With our highly-qualified team, we can provide short maintenance times and guaranteed deadlines.
Our base maintenance hangar has been configured for the following aircraft types:

  • Piaggio P.180 Avanti/Avanti II
  • Our principle is simple: we establish fully-equipped line stations where your airplanes are located. We then handle all your service requirements, such as defect rectification, transit checks and pre-flight checks.

Avionics Maintenance
We perform annual avionics inspections, on short notice or by appointment.

Delivery of Aircraft Parts
We deliver certified aircraft parts worldwide and in time.

We ensure that all maintenance services are completed quickly, and in time:

  • Via direct access to the most important OEMs and manufacturers of spare parts
  • Due to our close cooperation with major shipping companies.