Transport plane IL 76 is designed for rapid transportation of large-size cargoes, equipment and self-propelled machinery in different geographical latitudes, under any conditions of basing and on the medium-range routes. Many-wheeled chassis with high cross-country capacity together with the powerful mechanization of wings and high power capacity make it possible for the plane to takeoff from the unprepared dirt airstrips thus ensuring short takeoff-landing distances.

The dimensions of the cargo cabin, equipped with specially designed on-board handling installations and appliances, allow the plane to use any type of standard aviation and truck containers, pans used for intrenational air transportation.

Maximum takeoff weight 190000 kg (418950 lbs)
Maximum landing weight 151500 kg (334057 lbs)
Maximum payload 50000 kg (110250 lbs)
Cruise speed 800 km/h (432 knots)
Range 5000 km (2700 nm)

Dimensions internal
Length excl ramp 20.00 m (787 in)
Length incl ramp 24.50 m (965 in)
Width 3.40 m (134 in)
Height 3.46 m (136 in)
Volume 235.3 m{3} (8,310 cu ft)