AN-124-100 has some unique and unbeaten functions like the self-contained system of the multiple winches and overhead cranes that allow loading and unloading cargo from the nose and the ramp. It is mainly used for one peace of heavy load or extra big and specific cargo. A fact is that every third satellite in the world has been delivered to launch position by AN-124-100. The aircraft became favorite transportation option for aerospace, oil industry, heavy engineering and emergency operations. An 124 wheel chassis allow to operate aircraft from poor condition airfields and snow bounded territories.

General data
Maximum takeoff weight 862400 lb / 392 000 Kg
Maximum landing weight 727500 lb / 330000 Kg
Maximum fuel capacity 56000 gal / 214000 Kg
Cruise speed 467 KT / 865 Km/h
Range 4050NM / 7500 Km with 80000 Kg
Maximum altitude 38100ft / 11600m
Maximum payload (structural) 264000lb / 120 000 Kg
Minimum takeoff distance 9184ft / 2800 m
Landing distance 9184ft / 2800 m

Cargo Cabin Dimensions
Length 36.5 m
Height 6.4 m
Max width 4.4 m
Volume 1050 m3
Nose cargo door 6,4 х 4,4 m
Rear cargo door 6,4 х 4,4 m