A firm favourite with passengers, the A330 remains the preferred choice for over 100 airlines worldwide who continue to benefit from its proven and unrivalled low operating costs. From 30 minutes up to 15 hour flights, the A330 offers the most efficient option spanning 200-440 seats, while being one of the most reliable aircraft ever with average dispatch reliability above 99 per cent. Low operating costs, high efficiency, flexibility and optimised performance make the A330 Family popular with an ever-increasing operator base, as well as passengers – who enjoy more personal space with Airbus’ modern long-haul comfort standard of 18-inch wide seats for economy class.

General data
Maximum takeoff weight 513.677 lb / 233.000 kg Maximum altitude 41450 ft / 12634 m
Maximum landing weight 396.832 lb / 180.000 kg Maximum payload (structural) 110880 lb / 49500 kg
Maximum fuel capacity 3066364 lb / 139 090 litres Minimum takeoff distance 7216 ft / 2220 m
Cruise speed 486 KT / 900 Km/h Landing distance 5740 ft / 1750 m
Range 6749 NM / 12489 Km Maximum passenger 253/293, max 406