The CJ2 cabin layout features 4 seats in club configuration, plus a 5th and 6th seat towards the rear cabin.

Not only does the CitationJet CJ2 enables speed and comfort at an affordable price, but it also offers the convenience of operating into airstrips most other jets cannot, including very short runway, with less than 950m of available runway. The aircraft can also land at narrow airfields where other jets are also limited.

The CJ2 is the second model in the Citation Jet line of aircraft, and first entered service in December 2000.

General data
Maximum takeoff weight 12500 lb / 5670 kg Maximum altitude 45000 ft / 13716 m
Maximum landing weight 11525 lb / 5228 kg Maximum payload (structural) 1700 lb / 771 kg
Maximum fuel capacity 3935 lb / 1783 kg Minimum takeoff distance 3360 ft / 1024 m
Cruise speed 418 KT / 774 Km/h Landing distance 2980 ft / 908 m
Range 1613 NM / 2987 Km Maximum passenger 7