Transport plane AN 26 is designed for carrying and parachuting cargoes on the short and medium-range routes. The large width of the cargo hatch aperture (2.4 m (94 in)) and a special ladder-door ensure the convenient loading both from the ground and from the truck which make the handling operations speedier and easier. For handling operations the plane is supplied with a special crane with the load-lifting capacity of 1500 kg (3307 lbs), fixed above the cargo hatch and the carrier-conveyer of the cargo cabin.

Maximum takeoff weight 24000 kg (52920 lbs)
Maximum payload 5500 kg (12127 lbs)
Cruise speed 440 km/h (220 knots)
Range 2700 km (1458 nm)
Technical range with maximum load 740 km (400 nm)
Technical range with maximum fuel reserve 2700 km (1458 nm)