The transport plane AN 12 is designed for cargo carrying along the medium and longer-range routes.

The plane’s fuselage with a somewhat elevated tail and a big cargo hatch ensures the convenient loading and unloading of large-size cargoes, as well as parachute jumping. The on-board loading device with the load-lifting capacity of 2.5 tons and an easily replaceable carrier ensure easier and more speedy handling operations.




Maximum takeoff mass 61000 kg (134505 lb)
Maximum landing mass 58000 kg (127890 lb)
Maximum mass of paid loading 20000 kg (44100 lb)
Cruise speed 570 km/h (308 knots)
Range 5500 km (2970 nm)

Cargo cabin length, m 13,5 m (530 in)
Cargo cabin width (along the floor) 3-3,5 m (1,18-1,37 in)
Cargo cabin height 2,4-2,6 m (0,94-1,02 in)
Entrance door dimensions 0.8 × 1.48 (0,31 × 0,58 in)